Ohne skipper Jan Paul würden wir im IJselmeer noch Segeln.
Relaxed Sailing hilfte uns, das Boot nach Frankreich zu bringen,


Familie Hinderer
AB SY Capetown

Beneteau 39 CC transport van Lemmer naar Laboe

Hern Jegelo:   "Super gemacht, mein shif entlich im deutsland."

Delivery X-37 from Southampton (UK) to the Netherlands:

I would like to thank skipper Jan-Paul and his crew (Ton) for the pleasant and professional cooperation in the context of the delivery of my X-37 from Southampton to Marina Muiderzand.

In July 2017 "not fully planned" an X-37 bought at X-Yachts. The ship was only in Southampton, UK. And no more vacation days to sail the ship safely to the Netherlands.

What to do ..... After some research, found Relaxed Sailing.

After a good quotation and pleasant introductory talk, I asked Relaxed Sailing to sail my X-37 to the Netherlands. Relaxed Sailing not only sailed the boat safely and according to plan to the Netherlands,
but also perfectly supported the rigging and delivery in Southampton.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of Relaxed Sailing!

After having had a yacht transport company, finally real skippers

I had my ship for sale in Italy, and was better able to bring her to the Netherlands so that there was more chance of sale. and so said, its by a well-known yacht delivery company
(will not mention the name) sent to the Netherlands.

Unfortunately these people came to Porto because the autopilot was completely bent (inattention) and the engine smoked extremely, apparently they sailed the whole piece on the engine.

Was not satisfied with this at all and received a tip from the Flevo Marina in Lelystad
Relaxed Sailing is a good and competent transport company ,
I contacted Relaxed Sailing and had them pick up my ship from Porto Portugal.

They did exactly what was said and did not apologize
(not even if the weather forecast did not allow you to sail)

My ship is now in the Netherlands and I am more than HAPPY to be there
and I thank Relaxed Sailing for the fast delivery .

Botnia Targa 35 From Bruinisse (NL) to Ishoy (Denmark)

Mr. Moller
"this is truly outstanding, when i'm in the US for bussiness,
my newly purchased Targa delivered before i returned home"

Great Job guys

Jeanneau SO 50 DS from Scheveningen to Viana do Castelo (Portugal)

Because I know Relaxed Sailing has very reliable sailors, and have experienced it in the past several times, I have asked Jan Paul and Richard of Relaxed Sailing to sail with me to Portugal, to show me on the Bay of Biscay and to learn the latest tips and tricks that you need to make great sails. because my intention is to go to Barcelona and use my ship there as a holiday address.

"Well the rush course of 8 days was indeed a supplement to my skills,
wow what an experience and knowledge do they have?"

Wat een rust:
heb ik een nieuwe bayliner gekocht (ok een goede tweede hands) en omdat ik nog niet over het juiste vaarbewijs beschik Relaxed Sailing gevraagd om samen met mij en m'n zoontje
mijn nieuwe aanwinst naar huis te varen.

helaas kregen we op de westerschelde motorproblemen en wou ze niet meer vooruit,
alle gang eruit, en motor sloeg af! aiaiai.

Gelukkig kreeg Jan Paul van Relaxed sailing haar weer aan de praat en konden we zonder al te veel gedoe naar de dichtsbijzijnde haven om haar te laten repareren.

Jan Paul en Relaxed Sailing echt geweldige vakmensen

Beneteau 41.1 Beneteau factory France in Saint Gilles croix de Vie to IJmuiden

We have had a lot of positive experiences with Relaxed Sailing in the past, now we have looked for cooperation to get our newly purchased ship at the Beneteau factory in Saint Gilles croix de Vie.

Because the ship was ready two weeks before the planning was up, the request to Relaxed Sailing could be made 2 weeks earlier. And they could respond with two experienced skippers.

"Delicious finally she is there, now only enjoy"

Bavaria 32 Transport van Willemstad naar Muiderzand

Da wir uns ein Boot gekauft haben aber keine Zeit hatten es in seinen Heimathafen zu bringen haben wir es von Realexed Sailing überführen lassen. Realexed Sailing hat auf jede unserer e-mail sofort geantwortet und zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit beantwortet. Wir würden jederzeit wieder ein Boot von dieser Firma überführen lassen. Da das Boot kleine technische Probleme hatte hat er sie behoben und uns sofort informiert. Er hat uns ständig mit Bildern informiert wo er sich gerade befindet das fanden wir sehr schön.
Wir bedanken uns nochmal für alles und weiterhin gute Fahrt.
Die Crew der "Tujo"

Lauwersmeerkruiser 11.50 OK Transport Eemnes naar Werkendam

Dhr. Buis:     Ik ben zelf niet zo'n vaarder, ben daarom ook heel blij dat ik Relaxed Sailing heb ingehuurd om mijn schip naar de makelaar te brengen. Heb onderweg nog een paar geweldige tips mogen ontvangen die ik straks op mijn nieuwe schip kan toepassen..

Relaxed Sailing halen julie binnenkort ook mijn nieuwe schip op?

Beneteau Firts 36.7 transport from Lelystad to Kiel (Germany) and back

Mr. van Eesteren: Unfortunately, I myself fear the North Sea because it has almost gone wrong, and still want to sail the Ostsee with my wife and children, I therefore asked Relaxed Sailing if they wanted to take our ship to Kiel.
"I should have done this much sooner, without any stress or holiday time our ship will lose on the Ostsee."

Relaxed Sailing company you can count on "Next year again, only then to Norway"

Barge 23 meters transport from Ostend to London

Mr. E and Mrs. C: "This is truly fantastic, our ship in London.
We never did this ourselves, Thank you very much for the nice and safe crossing.

We can say that Relaxed Sailing does top work
Being relaxed and relaxed without fear, great.

Bavaria 38 transport from Sint Maarten to Hoorn

Mr. Dr E. Kraak: "We have come to know Relaxed Sailing as a highly esteemed skipper, who has always carried out his duties with great dedication, responsibility and involvement,

I can say that Relaxed Sailing brought us home.

Beneteau 39 CC transport van Lemmer naar Laboe

Hern Jegelo:   "Super gemacht, mein shif entlich im deutsland."

Jeanneau SO 45 Schipper

Mevr. A ter Brugge : "echt heerlijk dat meevaren, heb een hoop geleerd. Ben erg te spreken over u en zal u aanprijzen"

Jeanneau SO 45 onderhoud

Mevr. A ter Brugge : "Geweldig hoe jij ons schip hebt gepoetst, lijkt weer helemaal nieuw. Vooral het kaalhalen van het onderwaterschip en daarna een spiegelgladde antifouling laag aanbrengen scheelt knopen. We zijn erg tevreden."

Jeanneau SO 50 DS transport from Saint Qaux portrieux to Lelystad

Mr. R. Ramkema: "Thank you so much for your help, you are a topper."

Jeanneau SO 50 DS Schipper Challenge Cup 2015 IJmuiden Lowestoft IJmuiden

Mr. R. Ramkema: A very fast crossing in 14.5 hours from Lowestoft to IJmuiden.
During the Challenge Cup 2015

"We were very lucky during this voyage back, just for the reason that the connection of the boom with the mast was almost broken. Just for the reason we have a very good skipper (JP) we reached the harbor of IJmuiden."

Jeanneau 44 Canarische eilanden St-Lucia Caraibisch gebeid.

Wij hebben Relaxed sailing gevraagd ons te assisteren bij de overtocht van Tennerief naar St-Lucia. 3000 mijl Oceaan. Alhoewel we met de ARC meegingen voelden we ons toch niet geheel op ons gemak. De hulp was geweldig. Het heeft ons veel zorgen uit handen genomen.

T. Slagter

Hutting from Enkhuizen to Copenhagen

Because I was not sure about the trip across the North Sea, partly because it was the first time. I approached Relaxed Sailing to assist me with this trip.

Looking back this was more than true for my money. Not only was the trip much easier, but I also received a free navigation and meteo course.

I had Jan Paul van Geffen as skipper and had a lot of fun with his knowledge in this area.

Hans de Weert.